Billionaire’s Barbershop

Before becoming one of the most reputable establishments in the Triangle, Billionaire Barbershop needed to re-define the brand and establish a unique look that set them apart from the competition.

Project Challenges

We had to take the “office look” out of the room initially. The overall feel needed to be unique, not the typical barbershop setting.

How We Solved Them

The name “Billionaire Barbershop” already sets a high standard for the audience so with the help of their front office we were able to create a setting that triggers the “wow” factor with patrons. The open ceiling helped the overall feel of the size of the room.¬†Gloss along the flooring also gives the mirror effect so it makes the room seem more spacious. The chandelier brings the whole concept together and was the cherry on top to set this business apart from the rest.